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“Cruz, you’re under arrest for murder!”

In The Moon Is A Good Place to Die (Liquid Cool, Book 8) the Sci-Fi Detective Series leaves Earth behind.

Cruz has been framed for murder and Metro PD is after him. The victim wasn’t just a client. He’s the heir of a wealthy off-world dynasty and they want revenge—against him. Why won’t anyone believe that he didn’t do it?

But Cruz knows who framed him. He fought the man—if that’s what you can call him—for his very life. No matter how long it takes, what violence must ensue, he’ll chase down this Three-Armed Man wherever the trail takes him. This time the client is himself, and he has no intention of letting him down.

Cruz travels far beyond the supercity of Metropolis in this case to the Lunar Colonies above, where the average resident is richer than anyone on Earth. Visiting the Moon for vacation might be relaxing, but dodging laser blasts is no fun at all. The Moon Is a Good Place to Die—as long as it’s not him!

Plenty of action, surprises, thrills, and laughs in this sci-fi/cyberpunk detective series.

Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.

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