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The Fabled Quest Chronicles (Epic Fantasy Adventure Series)

The Fabled Quest Chronicles (Epic Fantasy Adventure Series)

Begin an epic fantasy adventure through amazing lands of kings and knights, elves and giants, drows and goblins, monsters and magic!

Led by a stranger known as Traveler with a dog that is no dog, as the most fantastic and deadliest journey of all time, that will become to be known as the Fabled Quest, sets forth!

Experience the Fabled Quest Chronicles for yourself, an epic fantasy of amazing characters, stunning world-building of high fantasy novels, and the dark fantasy mythical creatures you always wanted to see in fiction—all from author Austin Dragon. Over 200 Four- and Five-Star Reviews!

Begin the quest with Book 1, Through Titan’s Trail of the Fabled Quest Chronicles. Don’t wait to find out what happens. Grab it today!

  • Fabled Quest Chronicles Bundle: The Complete Series (Books 1-6) Ebooks