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A Daily Weekly Yearly Planner

  • Want to improve? Whether it’s something specific or overall aspects of your life, character or personality?
  • Want to end bad habits? Reverse bad choices? Go beyond the tired perennial New Years’ Resolutions?
  • Or just do something new for the year! Begin visiting all those countries around the world you’ve been putting off?
  • Do something crazy like switch to a completely new career? Do something big?
  • Feeling blue, bored, or aimless? Want to roll up your sleeves and take control of your life?

 If so, then BE (LIQUID) COOL: 52 Weeks of Witty, Pithy, and Profound Sci-Fi-Based Inspiration For Positive Thinking, Planning, and Action! may be exactly what you need.

Based on the author’s popular Liquid Cool: The Cyberpunk Detective Series, which has ten main novels, a mini-series of three novels, four box sets, another companion case short story, and two new novels and another box set on the way, the book takes inspirational life lessons from our favorite sci-fi detective with an attitude, Cruz and all his family, friends, and associates. 

This book is a fun life planner for 52 Weeks, divided into twelve months, from plan to action packed with quotes from popular sci-fi characters, successful sci-fi creators, and even a few renown scientists who inspired all kinds of great science fiction.

Be (Liquid) Cool is an easy-to-read practical guide to help you reach your self-improvement goals in a straightforward method.

Book sections include:

  • The Pre-Launch Mindset
  • The Action Mindset
  • The Attitude Mindset
  • Don’t Be Your Own Arch-Enemy
  • Don’t Panic. Life’s Supposed to Be Unpredictable
  • Give Back (When You Can)
  • Don't Forget the Fun

...and much more.

Book chapters include:

  • Know the “Why”
  • Pick Your Associates Wisely
  • Have the Right Tools
  • Have a System
  • Hard Work
  • Avoid Drama
  • Resist the Urge to Be Stupid

...and much more.

So, this book is much more than a no-date planner to be used as a daily planner, weekly planner, yearly planner, and personal time-management organizer towards achieving your goals. It’s your guide in your self-development, self-help, self-growth journey. It is your 52 Week guide with stories, quotes, and humor to become the best version of you! That’s what personal transformation or achievement should be all about.

Also, a perfect gift throughout the year -- birthdays, the Christmas holiday, New Years’ and more.

Get Your Copy of Be (Liquid) Cool Today!

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