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WHO’s the Bad Guy? -- WHO as in the World Health Organization.

Our favorite sci-fi detective tangles with World Health Organization villains in his latest case. But what does bio-terrorism have to do with a Metropolis street detective?

Liquid Cool is the action-packed (and funny) cyberpunk detective series!

Cruz got to meet his “posthumous” mentor, but now Wilford G. is really gone. Nothing is going right anymore. However, in Metropolis crime never sleeps, and in this supercity, depressed detectives end up dead detectives.

There’s only one way for any detective to get back on track. A new case drops into his lap from an unlikely client. A missing secret briefcase from the Centers for Disease Control. A lab with dead men in bio-suits. A wealthy tycoon who doesn’t really exist. What exactly does it all mean?

Biopunk street gangs, shady international government agencies, underworld bio-pirates, and corporate bio-terrorists are all on the loose in Metropolis! Did we mention the citywide quarantines too? For this one, he’ll need his entire team. But can Cruz solve the case before becoming a biological victim to some designer plague virus himself?

The sci-fi/cyberpunk detective series continues with plenty of action, surprises, thrills, and laughs—just what you need in these times.

Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.

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