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The Kingdom of Atlantea at Last!

The Fabled Quest Chronicles concludes in Book Six of the epic fantasy adventure series!

They began their odyssey in the Lands of Man. They traveled through Faë-Land Minor–the land of fairies and sprites, then across Faë-Land Major–the land of centaurs, elves, and goblins. They almost died in the Great Forest. Yet, none of those magical regions were as dangerous as the Oceans Omnis–the vast region ruled by merfolk, water fae, sirens, and sea monsters. After a year-long march, the final leg of their quest along Titan’s Trail has arrived.

As Traveler suspected, King Oughtred and his dark allies await in the final chapter of the Fabled Quest Chronicles saga.

Kingdom at Titan’s End is Book 6 of the Fabled Quest Chronicles epic fantasy adventure!

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