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There is no utopia in our future!

Rising Leviathan (After Eden, Book 3). The latest science fiction and international thriller in the After Eden Series by Author Austin Dragon.

The year is 2096--just three years until the 22nd century!

A Russian summit in Saint Petersburg with all the superpowers: America, the Islamic Caliphate, the Chinese-Indian Alliance. The Russian President inexplicably...dies. Or was it murder? One moment world peace was in sight, now world war seems unstoppable. Will the Russian Bloc (Russian and Eastern Europe) erupt in civil war? Or will it be a global war--or both?

As one leader falls, a deadly power rises. New enemies. New conspiracies. New dangers.

The march to the explosion of World War III continues--the first global war of the Tek Age, a hell we have never seen before.

Rising Leviathan is book three of the epic After Eden series--a dramatic mix of politics, religion, technology, and intrigue set eighty years in the future.

Get Your Copy of the sci-fi, international thriller Rising Leviathan!

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