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The Neon Metal Kiss Goodbye

To solve the case


Never stop driving


…or Die!

Our favorite, sci-fi private detective has successfully wrapped up another case. Time to celebrate with family and friends…instead he’s threatened with death.

Illegal hovercar street racers try to kill him and his best friend right at the steps of an upscale, luxurious restaurant resort. They learn that there’s a contract hit out on his life.

The city’s new ultimate crime boss, the genetically-engineered brute, Mr. Big, wants Cruz dead and he’s sent his entire crew to get it done—the best professional hovercar race drivers on the planet.

The chase begins! Cruz must find out the “why” and “who” fast as he races through the supercity of Metropolis and beyond to stay alive.

The eleventh novel in the Liquid Cool sci-fi/cyberpunk detective series is told from behind the wheel of his red high-performance, super-charged, advanced nitro-acceleration hovercar.

Can you hang onto this hyper-drive, action-packed thriller with a touch of humor?

One more thing: The Neon Metal Kiss Goodbye is told in reverse sequential order.

Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.

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