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All aboard the Falcon Express! Earth’s first royal luxury hoverjet designed to travel the skies, on the seas, underwater, and into space! What could possibly go wrong with our hero detective on-board for vacation?

A dream of high-end travel has arrived. 
But that dream becomes a 40,000 feet!

LIQUID COOL is Sci-Fi Meets the Detective Crime Thriller!

In the action-packed (and funny) cyberpunk detective series, we tag along with Cruz, our sci-fi detective (and unlikely hero) with attitude. But this time it’s not the fifty-million-plus, supercity of Metropolis. We only start there. We’re 40,000 feet up, traveling 700 miles per hour in the dark skies.

What are the Crazy Maniac Files?

Cruz has dealt with all kinds of criminal crazies—humans, cyborgs, robots—and even crazier clients. The supercity has a million victims and perpetrators but the LIQUID COOL Mini-Series features one “crazy maniac.”

Cruz thinks he’s on a fun vacation with two thousand fellow passengers--very wealthy, cultured, interesting, some quirky, all professionals--for rest, relaxation, fine dining, strong drinks, and poker. Instead, he finds himself in the center of a “horror above all others.”

Welcome to a Liquid Cool Sci-Fi Horror Mystery.

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